Coaching & "Integrated Centering" Massage

Coaching Sessions are a little different in this practice, they are integrated with therapeutic massage therapy. Massage Therapeutics philosophy is that the body and the mind walk hand-and-hand. Relax the body to relax the mind. All coaching sessions are 90 minutes long. Your session will go in the segmented order below. (All sessions are face-to-face.)

25 Minutes, Step 1.  Intro (If a new client) or Recap/Update of last session (If you are a returning client).


If you are new to PRO'Wellness Coaching I will be introducing myself in this session, and getting to know you more; your goals and expectations of me and your coaching sessions. We will also discover, yes discover, what coaching style fits you!

If you are a returning client, we will have a recap of your last session, and also  talk about all the awesome progress that you have made, obstacles you may have faced and more, since your last session and also where we are headed next.

STEP 2. Integrated "Centering" Massage Session. 40 Minutes

It's time to get you relaxed and in that centered and balanced state that will bring calm; allow your mind to shed off whatever you may have walked in the door with. This creates space for your positive thoughts; during your massage to focus on the positive, and what you want to talk about after your 40 minute massage session. During your table therapy session, you will be in the prone position, to allow all negative energy to drain out and away. Take a deep breath, let go, relax and enjoy your session.


 (More information is provided about your massage experience

during your 1st face-to-face intro with me.)

25 minutes. STEP 3. Time to exhale, get up, get dressed and release your now focused mind! 


Rather you are on the Personal Wellness Track or What's your focus for today? What are some of your new goals? What bothering you? What do you need from me as a coach to move forward? Lets pull out some tools.

Personal & Wellness Coaching 

Wellness! Learn how to be mindful and control your inner and outer emotions. Learn techniques and tools that will help you overcome those obstacles that cause stress and turmoil in your life. Develop a sense of being at one with yourself, calmness and contentment.  All this you will learn in your session and more!

Personal! Learn how to take control of your personal success by developing and setting goals. Look forward to your milestones by placing positive manifestations at the forefront.  Learn techniques and tools to stay on track. Develop self confidence and start believing in yourself. All this you will learn in your session and more!


**(Pricing is discussed during Pre-Vision Call.)