Practice Response To COVID-19.


This is undoubtedly a challenging time, not only for the World, but health care providers. Now more than ever, we all need to cherish our bodies, health and our wellness. We don’t want life balance to be a thing of the past. It is still essential to strive to be free  from unnecessary aches, pains, stress, tension and anxieties. That is why I have taken extra precautionary steps to protect "you" the client, BEFORE, DURING & AFTER your session independently and through following guidelines and considerations for Massage practices.

(1) I see no more than 4 treated clients a day in-office.

(2) There will be pre-screening and a questionnaire/intake (paperwork) before each office session; Temperature check with infrared contactless thermometer read. 

(3) Masks are worn by the therapist during the entire session in-office and in-home. Masks are worn by clients when in supine position.

(4) Hot and Cold water hand washing station located in the building. HEPA Air Purifier in room/ along with building installed air circulation system.

(4) Hand Sanitizer is available before and after entering the office or touching any surfaces inside.

(5) Every touchable surface is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before and after each client; at the beginning and end of the business day; with a disinfectant cleaner, that kills the virus. (NO homemade "natural" mixes are used. I.e essential oils, vinegar etc.

(6) Fresh clean crisp sheets for each client and laundry done regularly. 

(7) Face massages are done with gloves; No IntraOral treatment work will be done at this time.

(8) Mobile service set-ups are limited to one room and 2 hour sessions. Only regular clients can book mobile services.

(9) Shoe coverings are worn during in-home services.

(10) For in-office services, shoes are taken off at the office door and stored outside the office before sessions.  

(11) Sheets are laundered, sanitized and sealed in a air tight bag until session use. 

(12) Coaching sessions are done either by Zoom, tele-session or in-office (In-office sessions are conducted in accordance with social distancing practices. 


(List updated as new precautionary measures are being researched and discovered.)

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